Sunday, February 11, 2018

Respect for our iPads

We each have our own iPad in Room 3.
We have been learning how we can show respect when using the iPad.
We have also been learning to take clear pictures using the camera app.
Have a look at our pic collages.






1. Use a hug hold to carry the iPad around the room.
2. Always walk with the iPad.
3. Pass the iPad with two hands.
4. Put the iPad on the table safely (no parts hanging over the edge).

Room 3 2018

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Working collaboratively with Room 1 on some Pic Collages about the summer, holidays and Christmas.


Our last Get Set Go session! We were lucky enough to play three different games practising the skills we have learnt during term 4. Throwing, catching and balancing (while moving and being stationary).

     Trowing game

Pirate tag                                               Catch cat

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Feeling hot, hot hot....

This past week has been hot, hot, hot....thankfully the school pool was open for some action so Room 3 went for a splash on Wednesday afternoon.



We've also been busy working on our iPads. Mrs Simpson gets us to do a reading activity on an app called "Explain Everything". Once we have read the big book for the week, we go into the app and complete some comprehension activities including describing a character, retelling the story, ordering the story in the correct order and sorting verbs and adjectives.

Another 'Get Set Go' session out on the hot courts this week.





Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Term 4....go..go..go.....

WOW! What a fabulous and busy start we've had to Term 4 in Room 3! 

We started Get Set Go in week 1, learning how to balance, move and throw.

Cybersmart also started and we're adding to our super internet knowledge and how to be safe smart users on the net.

Constable Cyrus came in to make sure we are 'Stepping out' and crossing the road safely.

AND, we've even had the Tread Lightly caravan in teaching how to be environmentally friendly, sustainable, planting little learners.

Mrs Simpson and Ms McGrath are making sure we continue to be 'Respectful' Waikowhai citizens too!

We also welcome some new students. Taufa, Tyler, Deezhanay and Locarno have moved in with us from Room 1, and Ayana has come from overseas.

Here are some pics showing you all the fun we have been having!